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educating/ training partners and individuals
participating in projects
preparation of publications

The educational/training centre is currently focusing on three areas:

  • educating/training partners and individuals about IT solutions, Microsoft operating systems and tools, Ubuntu (Linux) operating system, and open-source tools for Microsoft and Ubuntu (Linux)
  • participation in national and European projects in the following scope: preparation of educational content, preparation and implementation of specific educational backgrounds, advising on the effective use of ICT technical support to partners on the project, corporate identity projects, execution of conferences and project meetings and dissemination activities about educational project parts
  • preparation of publications, educational and professional content


Today's state of the market indicates instability, unpredictability of certain business decisions and increased dependence on business decisions, and despite the overall technological development IT support is still inadequate. While the market already has enough powerful hardware, one can notice deficit of software, or obsolescence and therefore inadequacy of existing software.

Achieving better control, better management and decision-making, effective support to core and secondary business processes, increased predictability of business decision-making and management of resources and information from our partners is our main mission.

Among our own framework and solutions that base on that framework, we also provide the integration with other solutions of other companies (e.g. Abit ECM, Primakon Primavera, RM Plus WARP–IT, Irisys People Counting, G-Rega recording presence, ... ).

For our partners we provide all forms of support and maintenance services, including support 24/7. For this purpose, we have our own partner support centre, and where needed established list of subcontractors.


ERManERMan Enterprise Resource Management
management of human and non-human company resources, support for business processes, resource planning, absence management, recording performed work, accounting calculations, …

CertiManCertiMan Certification Management
performing training, evaluation of knowledge and competencies, management of certification, management of participants, …

CallManCallMan Call Studio Management
management of call studio, controlled criteria-based calling of potential and existing clients, managing client portfolio, managing client business events and opportunities, ...

MediaManMediaMan Media Management
management of media information, different categories and attributes of media, business opportunities, ...

ConfManConfMan Conference Management
Implementation of conferences, information portal, submission and evaluation, preparing conference bibliography, …



Our goal is to become one of more recognizable companies, providers of integrated ICT solutions with additional confirmation in research field. Joint welfare of partners, society and the environment we will continue to build with quality approach, achieving goals and long-term partnerships.

To work on projects in our team we invite new people with experience, knowledge and enthusiasm for acquiring new knowledge and flair for research and innovation. Knowledge, experience and innovation are our common vision to success.

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