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Jobs and career

For the Initut team three characteristics are typical:
(1) commitment and high quality work to achieve goals
(2) continuous education and research on advanced ICT technologies, and
(3) joint activities outside working hours.

Despite the working hours when we are available to partners, working time is flexible for each individual. Significant attention is given also to recreational activities, healthy environment and living. Our motto is: "only happy worker is a good worker".

In selecting future employees and co-workers we are very careful, our guidance is to optimally adapt to situations and needs, controlling redundancy in amount of resources, and high expectations from the team.

In 2014, we plan to extend the scope of business activities. Jobs or other ways of working with us will be posted on this site. If you want to be notified about that, email your CV to jobs(at), we will add you to the database of candidates.